Table Rock Managing Partner Peter Luchetti has worked internationally on public-private partnership models, and is bringing best global practices home to address the infrastructure deficit in the US. As part of that work, he has authored a series of papers with the Bay Area Economic Council, available below. Partner Megan Matson was a lead author on the SFVA analysis paper below, and together with Director Will Hewes, has participated extensively in the President’s Build America Investment Initiative and produced a series of recommendations, convening programs, memos and papers as part of that effort.

TRC Infrastructure Pledge & Action Plan Memo (pdf)

TRC P3 Adaptive Infrastructure Paper (pdf)

Treasury Summit Action Memo (docx)

Investing in California’s Infrastructure (pdf)

Accelerating Job Creation in California Through Infrastructure Investment (pdf)

Public-Private Partnerships: Alternative Procurement Methods for Campus Development in the University of California System (pdf)

Framework Conditions for Foreign and Domestic Private Investment in California’s Infrastructure: Seizing the P3 Opportunity (pdf)

Funding a Public-Private Solution for the San Francisco Veterans Administration Extension (pdf)

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