Based in San Francisco, Table Rock Capital is a private equity team specializing in public-private infrastructure finance. With a record rooted in both global finance and the very local nature of municipal governance, Table Rock’s central focus and expertise lies in accelerating and improving the delivery of infrastructure to meet the objectives of its public partners, and produce overall value for money and life-cycle cost savings. Table Rock is a leading voice on P3 policy and practice, welcomes the challenge of tough problems, and is experienced in water and wastewater, energy and transmission, social infrastructure, transportation and telecom. Read more.

Table Rock provides the pursuit capital and project development expertise necessary to structure and capitalize sophisticated infrastructure solutions. The team is committed to working with communities and market participants equally to build what P3 expert and TRC partner Peter Luchetti calls nexus P3s. These public-private partnerships are jointly and transparently structured to fuse the long-term interests of all parties in a commercially financeable framework. Table Rock bridges the gap between the larger infrastructure funds focused on large cap brownfield facilities primarily outside the United States, and the immediate necessity of resolving domestic infrastructure challenges here in the US. With the United States facing one of the greatest infrastructure deficits in its history, a multi-trillion dollar backlog of needs, and a jobs gap to match, Table Rock’s model seeks the highest mutual benefit and optimum delivery of necessary infrastructure, economic health, jobs growth, and quality of life over time.

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Table Rock Capital

150 California St
Suite 600
San Francisco, CA